Rhythm and Raga gets a tagline- is ready for release-now lets working on the Tagline!

Taglines are important because they help with the branding of your film or tv series. https://www.imdb.com/list/ls000333120/ Ok, I see.

A tagline helps to reveal the emotional tone of the story. It should also allude to the cruz of the conflict.


Also, don’t forget to reveal the genre of the movie. Documentary.

Oh, and this tagline should be so so catchy! Ok, hmmm, lets give this a try. https://rhythmandraga.com/national-anthem-at-gillette-stadium/

Here are a few first attempts:

-When passion and family move you to keep trying.

-What is possible when you don’t give up.

-Music, Unity and Complicated International Relations. (that was not a real choice, just brainstorming.)

-Life rewards the brave.

Wow gif

I like that. I think that works for the documentary. There were many times during the making of the song- that giving up was the best and smartest idea. The idea of the song, the idea of the collaboration, the idea during the time in Pakistan- all seemed just so far out of reach. And everyone took their time to let us know they thought it would not work.

There is also a lot of internet evidence of opinions during the first few media items that came out in the comment sections.