Subsi Mundi

Drive a bit south of Karachi into the Sindh valley where the ancient Indus Valley civilization thrived for 600 years. These advanced people lived in harmony, without weapons and built an advanced city called Mohenjo-Daro. At around 6000 BC, this thriving city, larger than Rome, traded cotton and brought wealth and prosperity and…peace to this region. These sophisticated designers built underground plumbing and homes with natural AC. Their big gathering place was one big indoor pool. It reminds me of what amazing history is present in this region. The oceanfront valley ripe for farming produces the tastiest vegetables and fruits for subsi mundi.

People don’t think of that, of the farmers, of the millions of people making a hard living to provide the tastiest fruits, you must try the mangos from Pakistan, it is so sweet its unbelievable.

People in Pakistan usually understand why I like to visit subsi mundi more than anywhere else in Pakistan. ITs because of the contrasts. Subsi mundi is a massive place and there are so many sellers, and it is just real live Pakistan to me. There is no pretense, no falseness. I love it.

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